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Mini games

Service containing selected light minigames

Online little games are great, but offline little games are great too. They (offline minigames) were characterised on the Minigry.Info and you may download them. They are very small, so their installation files are occupying at most 5 MB.

Maybe you need not only small, but also any of games? Maybe you are searching only freeware games download. (on this minigames page are dominating rather shareware)? If yes, check the link given above.

Mini games to download

Choose from the following set the kind of little games which you like. After the click you will see positions to downloading. After installing and... Admittedly quite a lot of here of test versions, but small games are for fast play, not for many hours.

Arcade - old too
Shootem'up - aka shooters
Tanks - destroy enemy!
PacMan - whom probably all know
Racing - masters of roads
3D - third dimension
RPG and stranges worlds
Strategy - invent tactics
Chess - the check and the mate
Puzzle - jigsaws
Logic - something to thinking
Other - whole rest